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For Parents

Why did the district choose a 1:1 Initiative? 

• Every student can have the necessary information "anytime" and "anywhere" • Supports differentiation of instruction and personalized learning • Provides a continuous interactive environment • Allows for individual practice and extends learning

Why did the district choose to use a Bring Your Own Device model to meet the 1:1 Initiative?  

This allows each student to select a device that is best for them to use and learn on and is consistent with other technology that the student has at home.

Is there any support for families in financial need?  

Yes, the BOE has approved support for Staples students whose family qualifies for free or reduced lunch and/or for heating assistance (through the town's Westport Warm-Up fund) by providing those students with a Chromebook for each year their family meets either program's eligibility requirements. 

For more information on the National School Lunch Program please check out the Westport Public Schools homepage and look under Important District News for the latest documents. 

For more information on the Westport Warm-Up program please contact Elaine Daignault with the Westport Town Human Services Department. 

How can I help my child be ready for the first day of school?

We suggest that your student be sure they can access their network account, and have their device onboarded.

Will students be getting training?

Students will be able to attend optional BYOD orientation sessions just before the start of the school year. The students and staff assigned to the student helpdesk will also be able to support students in using their devices throughout the year. Staff at the Library Learning Commons and classroom teachers will be able support students on specific assignments.

For the upcoming school year, any Staples student who wishes to make sure that his/her device is properly connected to the school's network can visit the Tech Dept. in the atrium outside the auditorium during freshman tours which occur approximately one week before school starts. An update from the school will provide more information with regard to timing.

Will my child have access to the things he would normally have with district equipment?

In preparation for BYOD, the Technology Department has made the necessary changes to our infrastructure to meet curricular needs from any device that meets our requirements. Special purpose laptop carts and labs will be available in the event specific software or hardware is required.

What happens if my child's device becomes inoperable?

Classrooms and designated areas will offer devices that can be borrowed for the day.

For Students

What do you suggest for a free antivirus software?

OS X versions 10.6 and newer utilize a built-in lightweight tool called File Quarantine or XProtect. Mac users who wish to have additional protection can use ClamXav.

For Windows 7 we suggest Microsoft Security Essentials and for Windows 8+ we suggest using the built-in Windows Defender.

On iOS we suggest only installing applications that have been verified and are available through the App Store.

On Android we suggest disallowing the ability to install applications from "unknown sources". This is usually the default, but you can check this under Settings>Security>Unknown sources.

Do I have to use one of those antivirus solutions or can I pay for one that I want?

You are free to utilize any antivirus solution you would like.

What Chrome plug-ins should I use?

While logged in with your Westport Google account, you can visit https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/for_your_domain to browse a list of instructional tools that might be useful. Specific classes may suggest or require the use of other plug-ins.

Am I still held accountable for the Acceptable Use Agreement I signed even though this is my own personal computer?

Yes. The agreement covers the use of the district online resources including internet access.

Where can I see the Acceptable Use Policy for Technology?


Why am I filtered on my own computer? Shouldn't I be able to see what I want to on my own tool?

All traffic using school provided Internet access is subject to the district's web filtering.

Can I put on other programs on my device than just a web browser?

You are free to install any applications you wish. For some classes you may be encouraged to find new software that meets your instructional needs.

I have my laptop with me in class. How do I get on the Internet now?

You can connect to the network wps-all-aboard and launch a web browser to setup your device. Complete instructions can be found here.

I just can’t get my laptop to connect to the network. Can I get some help from someone?
You can visit the Staples Student Helpdesk located in the Staples Library Learning Commons.